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A sampling of art history departments
Departments in the United States and abroad.
Abstract Expressionism
Includes a general history from the early pioneers Kandinsky, Malevich, and Mondrian to the later influence on photography, theatre, dance as well as other art forms.
ARC International - The Art Renewal Center
Offering biographical information and high-resolution images of many paintings from the great masters of the 19th century.
Art history Italy and Europe
Art Analysis, Paint Pigment Identification
The Center for Art Materials Analysis, Inc. offers expert chemical analysis of historic and cultural objects to the conservator, collector, historian, appraiser, dealer or gallery.
Art Historians Guide to the Movies
A record of appearances of and references to famous works of art and architecture in the movies.
Art History 101
Everything you need to know about art history, from prehistoric times to today. For absolute beginners and seasoned pros.
Art History at Loggia | Exploring Art, Art History, and Artists
Explore the history of art by looking at information about artists, styles, and periods...from the art of ancient Greece and Rome, to the 19th Century and the introduction of Modern art, Loggia presents resources and reference materials about art history
Art History for Kids
Art History can be a fun adventure for Kids! The Art History Teacher on the Net will show you how to look at art through a series of art clues. You will be an Art Dectective and travel to some of the major museums of the world searching for famous art
Art History Network
Welcome to the Art History Network, your one stop resource for Art History, Archaeology and Architecture resources on the web.
Art History Resources
The purpose of this webpage is to list and annotate selected websites and publications in print that are concerned with various aspects of art history.
Art history resources on the web
Topics is: Prehistoric, Ancient Egypt & Near East, Ancient Greece & Rome, Middle Ages, 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st Century, Prints & Photographs, Asia, Africa, The Americas & Oceania.
Arthistory.CC has rapidly become one of the most popular artportals, where you easily can exchange your knowledge of art with other users, or even better learn about or history of art. Arthistory.CC stores information from over 1500 artists and there are
Gallery-guide and informations for collectors of comtemporary art
Online gallery dedicated to the continual quest of seeking out obscure 19th century artists and long-forgotten paintings showing a "magic world of romance and pictured poetry". The majority of the content in the archive covers the Pre-Raphaelite and Symbolist movements.
Artwork provides information on modern art movements, art news and custom made canvas artwork.
Association for Art History
An Association for Art History, a new professional organization dedicated to the study of the history of art.
Chinese and Japanese Art History
This site provides information on symposia, conferences, grants and other items of interest to graduate students of Chinese and Japanese art history. I first established this page in May 1996, and update it roughly once a month. I do not make any claims f
Concarneau, séjours de centaines pe peintres
Dutch Institute for Art History
The Dutch University Institute for Art History in Florence, founded in 1958, forms part of Utrecht University and is administered by a group of six universities. The Institute promotes research on Italian art, on Dutch and Flemish art and artists in Italy
Emil Ranzenhofer - Austrian Artist 1864-1930
Prolific artist: book illustrations, posters, postcards, bookplates (exlibris), etchings, pencil/charcoal/pastel sketches, oil paintings, Jewish National Fund Telegrams/Certificates, and worked as WWI artist for Kriegspressequartier.
Eye Gallery - Vietnamese Gallery
Get the best of Vietnamese art works
Family History Photo Restoration, Vintage Photo Gallery
The Photomaster service - digital photo restoration, photo collage, damaged photo repair, vintage photo gallery, articles on the history of the photography, tips and guidelines on photography, etc.
fine art gallery | ceramic pottery | tefo magasane fine art| arts craft
ceramic pottery at its best
Freemanart Consultancy
Specialising in Forensic and Academic Authentication and Research Experts - Appraisers - Art Investigators. Experts in detection of counterfeit pictures, oil paintings, watercolours-prints.
Habers Art Reviews: Postmodernism and Art History
You have just opened a hyperbook—about a real and precious fiction, the work of art. You can reach over 150 essays, with 4,500 LINKS interweaving them. Once you start clicking, you could come out anywhere.
Horse in art
About the history of horse representation, many artists, artist's styles, a virtual gallery, painting, sculpture... Catalogue, bibliography. CD.
HuntFor Art History
Learn about the different periods of the history from an art point of view.
Il Catalogo dei Pittori
biographies of painters
Image of France
Prints and their makers, published in France, 1811-30; over 19,000 items, app. 7000 artist name variants.
Images of Feeling
Offering images and a few biographies on a number of 19th and 20th century artists.
Inca Art
The Incas were an artistic people who used materials available to them in nature and blended them creating many artistic forms. In this site you will find the different art forms that the ancient Inca Civilization created from tapestries, jewelry, pottery and architecture.
Italian Sculpture
The history of italian sculpture. Great virtual gallery!
J.M.W.Turner 1775 - 1851
Perhaps the most famous English Romantic landscape artist.
Jacques COLLAS, impressionist Belgian painter (1903-1986).
Portrait of a twentieth century impressionist artist from Liège Belgium. Large paintings gallery .
Know Your Art
This is a large searchable database of images and text offered as an introduction to the history of art. It includes art and architecture from the time before written records up to the 20th c.
Kutani ceramic homepage
History of kutani kilns, virtual museum and ceramics database
Media Center for Art History, Archaeology & Historic Preservation.
The Media Center for Art History, Archæology, and Historic Preservation explores material culture, vision, media, and pedagogy in the broadest sense to connect faculty research and student learning through the creative application of technology.
New Deal/WPA Art Project
Information, research, and photographs of New Deal/WPA art
Newgrange Ireland
Explore the ancient art and carvings on this 5,000-year-old megalithic site.
No Fear oEras
In this site, students tour through seven periods (Byzantine era, The Renaissance, The Dutch School, Rococo, Impressionist Painting, Cubism and Abstract Expressionism). Students examine representative works of the period, answer questions, and then presen
Oil Paintings
Check out our ArtGallery with hand painted canvas oil paintings, originals and famous art oil painting reproductions of famous artists
Paintball Guns l Paintball Equipment
Paintball Guns l Paintball Equipment - Paintball Gun articles and resources.
Ganesha Online India specializes in indian gods paintings, art gallery & distribute paintings at discount prices.
Periods in Art History
This course is about artistic styles from Prehistory to the present era as they are known in occidental art and an overview of Mexican art from the origins to the XXth century. It is accessible in English, French and Spanish and refers to a Mexican cit
Photographic And Printing Company
Photographic and Printing Company | Buy Full Colour Prints of Professional Photographs at very affordable rates from website. All Prints are Numbered and Signed Limited Edition Prints.
Russian Fine Arts
Russian fine arts encyclopaedia. Only russian artists
The art history research center
The art history research center is the first and foremost tool for art historical research on the internet. It shares key resources and methods of online research so that art historians can find the resources relevant to their work.
The Metropolitan museum of arts timeline of art history
The Timeline of Art History provides an overview of the history of art, especially as illustrated and represented in the Museum's collection. The material presented here has been researched, written, and reviewed by the Museum's curatorial staff. It serve
The Web Gallery of Art
The Web Gallery of Art is a virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods (1150-1800), currently containing over 10,100 reproductions. Commentaries on pictures, biographies of arti
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: History of Art
The History of Art Virtual Library is a collection of links relating to Art History and computer applications in Art History. The site is sponsored by CHArt, the Computers and History of Art Group. This site is aimed at everybody interested in art, but it
Timeline of Art
Sandford's timeline of art.
Timelines of Art History
This site presents selected resources on the art history of ancient civilizations, including: Egypt, Greece and Rome, Asia, and the Middle East.
Venezia Cinquecento. Storia dell'arte e della culura
Official website of the quarterly "Venezia Cinquecento"
Vincent van Gogh 1853 - 1890
A look at this great artist, his picture techniques, painting terms, biographical information and his letters by Artist Douglas Carpenter.
Web Directory
A comprehensive web directory that helps you to find or search exactly what you are looking for. TheSearchIndex is a Web Directory that have listed number of web resources to help you in finding whatever you want.
World Art Treasures
Based on the Jacques-Edouard Berger collection of images of art objects and essays devoted to the main civilizations, such as Egypt, China, Japan, India, Europe.
Today in world history each Artist or Art Web Site is welcome to add a link & name to the World Art History! NEW Art Pixel Advertising for your Art world wide
Your Daily Art
A short art history lesson everyday



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